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Improving productivity is a great desire of managers from a wide range of segments and productivity, as exemplary coordination of teams of productive and motivated employees is one of the main goals of managers holding senior positions in the company.

Because of this, the market is constantly looking for guidance and advice to promote productivity in the work environment, without employees feeling pressured or stressed, thereby bringing better and better results.

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Productivity hinders the country’s growth

The low productivity of Brazilians has already been identified by experts as the enemy of the country’s growth. With this in mind, companies are seeking, through various measures to address this problem, designed to promote employee productivity.

A study conducted by Ipea – Institute for Applied Economic Research – published in the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo – showed that the stagnation of productivity in the country has been something concrete since the late 1970s, requiring the attitude of large Brazilian companies to get around the situation and therefore contribute to increased productivity.

Ways to promote productivity

In such a scenario of small progress, companies are relying on various measures that can improve productivity by looking for options offered, including by their own employees, as competitions for the opening of measures that can increase production individually and collectively.

In addition, investments in software and technologies that can optimize the working hours of professionals are one of the results increasingly used by corporations, as well as an incentive to train and improve courses; that can affect production levels, increase recognition and therefore increase business revenues.

In other ways to improve productivity are:

  • Betting on an organization;
  • Look at the man;
  • Encourage leisure;
  • Promoting inspiration.

Betting on the organization

Organization is key. Employees need to know what their tasks are and what is expected of them, and it is the responsibility of the support manager and to organize the work of the team under their command.

Look at the man

A good manager should take into account an employee’s personal life at different times, and should be involved in cases that may affect employee performance to find ways to motivate and keep them comfortable and productive in a corporate environment when dealing with personal issues.

Encourage rest

One of the most sought-after items of workers today is the balance between work and personal life. This can be done with flexible schedules, remote work opportunities or differentiated benefits packages

Work-life balance is one of the most sought-after items of the modern worker, and encouraging leisure workers – whether through more flexible hours or access to differentiated benefits packages – is essential.

Promoting inspiration

In addition to the organization, the manager must also inspire his subordinates through positive and motivational relationships. Be polite, kind, cordial, helpful, ways to inspire, motivate and bring back performance.

10 Personal attitude helps improve productivity

Employees should keep in mind that while companies can and should work on the issue of motivation to improve productivity, taking action also contributes to increased production.

The top 10 personal relationships capable of boosting productivity are:

1.Always tackle urgencies first

2.Write down good ideas you have and can’t do at the moment

3.Ignore what is not fundamental

4.Feed in a healthy way

5.Have a set schedule

6. Avoid meetings to solve unimportant issues

7.Take breaks when you need it

8.Having the ability to make important decisions

9. Avoid replying to many emails for a short period of time

10.Don’t reply to messages if you don’t know what you’re talking about

Consis these issues here are of great importance, but if there is a factor of great importance for motivation and productivity, this factor is financial. Each employee, when asked about the decisive factor of the motivational factor, will answer: Salary.

One of the main pillars of motivational productivity gains is wages, which usually should be above average. however, even though productivity slows the country’s progress, many companies still prefer to pay smaller amounts and rely on equally reduced production power to contribute to this scenario of market stagnation.

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