4 Leadership Lessons Left by Coach Osorio’s Early Departure


The ability to manage people is practically an art. The better the people who work for you, the more attention you need to pay to facts that can enhance or end your team’s performance. The early departure of coach Juan Carlos Osorio from the Sao Paulo team has revealed some classic failures in managing people. Based on an enviable career and taken as a coach, able to revolutionize the way Brazilian football works (from Colombia!), the Coach decided to swap one of the biggest clubs in Latin America for the Mexican national team. His departure did not revolutionize Brazilian football, but left important leadership lessons for any company.

1. Honour agreements with your employees

Apparently, when coach Osorio was invited to join the team Sao Paulo the club board “sold” the image that the team would be ready to compete in the championships. Even, the coach himself commented in several collective interviews that the pre-hiring plan is to sell only one athlete from the squad to earn cash (Rodrigo Cayo) and that the team’s base will be maintained.

The facts showed that, in fact, the financial situation of the club forced the board of directors to sell several athletes, including those who were the basis of the team. Unsurprisingly, this caused great dissatisfaction with the coach’s relationship with the club’s board.

2. Offer good working conditions

It doesn’t use you hiring the best resource unless you offer a better working condition. With the coach of Sao Paulo the conditions played against. These were intrigues among board members, shaded team, press charging results, etc.

If you don’t lose your talent for a bad environment, the least that will happen is its revenue drop. In the case of Osorio, it is known that his work pattern imposes the rotation of players. With the team he would be at hand, if there were not so many sales, this scheme would be easily implemented. However, with the condition of real work, it ended his chances to compete for the title of champion of Brazil.

To add turbulence throughout the story, the day before the decision-making, the president and vice president struggled (by the press they struggled physically) in a routine meeting. Want to work in this environment?

3. Be transparent, regardless of the situation

Even if your company’s situation is bad, it is better to be honest and communicate with the leaders of your team than to hide and let them know for themselves. Make no mistake, a good manager will understand and gradually discover the real situation of your company, so be transparent from the beginning. Use the situation to explain why your team is so important right now. Believe me, instead of demotivating your team, you will bring allies into your battle.

Perhaps if the board of Sao Paulo were transparent from the beginning and said, “We are in serious financial difficulties, we will have to sell most of the team, and therefore we need a coach capable of managing this change,” coach Osorio would have come in the same way, however, with much greater confidence in the board of directors.

4. Appreciate your team

The sports press reported several times that the value of coach Osorio’s contract was almost half the amount paid to coach Murisi Ramalho, which preceded him. Coming from a much less heated market when it comes to football, Coach Osorio probably didn’t know what top coaches in Brazil earned so well. Think about the situation: you work in a modern company, you are a professional challenged by the best jobs, you have a winning record and … gets half the market.

If this is not well explained, with clear performance goals for wage increases or with a certain growth plan, you can bet that this will be a major demotivation factor for your team. Value your team as much as possible, including financially.

Bonus: 5. Accept personal dreams of your team members

Even after the lessons above, one thing remains most important and must be respected: the individual dreams of the people who work for you. After all, these are people with families, desires, feelings and everything that a person has for good and bad. If coach Osorio is a dream to compete in the World Cup, perhaps the chance has come at this point (and perhaps because of his entire situation at the Brazilian club).

Respect people’s desires and dreams. This will make you have a profession all more and more, sincerely engaged in his mission.

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