5 tips to motivate your team


Fundamental to the performance and success of any kind of business, motivation in the company is much studied and researched, as it is known that employees excited and motivated in their functions are a guarantee of well-executed jobs, and therefore a company with more than a promising future.

However, there are a large number of managers and managers in senior positions who still have to face challenges to perform many actions that may, in fact, increase or simply retain motivation in the company. He thought on this topic that we decided to produce this content where you discover, through 5 exquisite tips on how to motivate your team.

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What is motivation in the workplace, anyway?

The motivation in the work environment is to combine behavior and causes that can improve employee attitudes. This directly affects the readiness, readiness and commitment to work, the more motivated the professional is, the better his performance and therefore the performance of the company.

How do you measure motivation in a company?

One of the most visible signs of motivation is the low productivity of employees. if this proves unmotivated, of course, the result of such behavior will lead to negative consequences and possible losses for the company.

An easy way to measure motivation in a company is by observing behaviors of the following nature:

  • Lack of willingness to perform day-to-day tasks;
  • Excessive use of negative words or terms;
  • Isolation;
  • Notable decline in income;
  • You can’t wait for the end of the shift to leave;
  • Stop being proactive;
  • Performs only the necessary tasks, and sometimes does not even finish them;
  • The goals set by the manager cannot be achieved;
  • He always criticizes the changes that are taking place in the company;
  • Disagree with everything;
  • Refuses to participate in new trainings.

If employees act in this way, it is a sign that the level of motivation in the company is low.

What is the importance of motivation?

Every company as well as managers and managers know the importance of motivation within the company, so they work hard to make it a reality.

Motivation is important because demotivated people in the work environment can negatively influence processes, resulting in the company’s services losing quality and may even affect the company’s profits.

Motivation forces employees to adopt linear behavior, causing the team to evolve together. Without motivation, there is no evolution.

5 tips to increase your team’s motivation

Once you understand the need for motivation in your company and how to measure your level, it’s time to learn how to improve your team’s motivation and make everything win.

1. Treat everyone equally

Equal treatment is a great way to encourage and maintain motivation in the company. Equal treatment of all employees, without any distinction with positions and tasks, makes everyone feel the same and does not detract from anyone. This form of treatment contributes in addition to motivation, a more pleasant environment to work with.

2. Recognize the value of everyone

Knowing that each person has their own value, that each employee has different skills, and recognizing it makes the employee himself also recognize their own value, which naturally increases self-esteem. Ask the developer: “do it because I know you’re the right person to do this task, ” boosts self-esteem, promotes self-confidence and, of course, increases motivation.

3. Setting goals

This is another fundamental piece of advice in the process of motivation in the company. The simple fact of setting goals already motivates the team by itself, in search of possible prizes that they can bring when they are achieved.

The goal that has been achieved fuels the desire that others are also achieved, which increases motivation naturally. But he added: “It’s important that in the process the goals included are included.

4. Empowering your team

What scares off many employees is thatthat he does not have the power to make decisions. The mere fact of empowering an employee or team automatically makes it feel that everyone is important (and actually) and that they can make decisions for the benefit of the team and the company. This naturally increases motivation.

5. Offer a pleasant and productive environment

Last but not least, offer your employees a pleasant and productive work environment. Comfortable chairs, bright and airy environments close to space with nature increase motivation and therefore bring great performance.

While many managers and HR managers find it difficult to motivate their employees, it is relatively easy to do so. Just follow our advice.

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