6 Business Management Tips: From HR to Finance


Business management is the essence of business. Thanks to good management, you can have a healthy company, financially balanced and stand out in a competitive environment.

Regardless of size or niche market, all business owners should be aware of business management, as erroneous decisions can lead to the loss of all growth goals.

All processes in the company depend on quality management. From initial planning to evaluation of results, through human resources, finance, marketing and other departments.

Although Business managementessential for business survival, managing small and medium-sized enterprises in Brazil is not an easy task because of high responsibility, complexity, high tax burden and excessive bureaucracy.

However, we’ve listed 6 tips to help you improve the performance of your management and therefore the results of your business.

Check out the following 6 business management tips for different sectors of the company.

Make a business plan

For a company to develop and grow, setting goals and objectives is the first business management tool.

It all starts with a good business plan, that is a document that traces the path to get where you want. To do this, you need to study the market, competitors, suppliers, target audience, economic scenario in the country and other data that can directly or indirectly affect your business.

Planning and discipline are the pillars of good business management, as no business can grow unless it knows how to follow.

The business plan serves as a guide for the company. This reduces risks and increases the chances of success.

Wrong, who thinks that the business plan is only for new businesses. Even those entrepreneurs who have been in the market for years should make a plan if they don’t have it.

To make it easier to visualize all business strategies and make dynamic changes, Canvas Template is a very useful tool.

Canvas is nothing more than a strategic planning tool that allows you to develop new or existing business models to facilitate your understanding.

The canvas diagram contains nine blocks, they are:


What will your company offer, add value to customers? What problem will your company solve?


Who are your company’s focus clients?


Which channel can I contact my customers? Where do they buy groceries?


How does the company treat each segment of customers?


What are the main activities for your value proposition?


What resources are needed to carry out key activities? Physicists, intellectuals, finances?


Will the main activities be on the side of the party? What will be the main suppliers?


How much are customers willing to pay? What do they pay for?


What are the main costs for your business model?

Analysis and tracking of results

Just draw a plan and not have control over the results does not decide. Therefore, the business manager should monitor the data, both positive and negative, and from them to restructure strategies to get what they want, as well as develop new goals and objectives.

Good communication with staff and customers

Positive results will come only if you have on your side a team ready to wear a shirt and grow together with the business. Therefore, choose professionals who will be on your side not only for good qualifications and professional experience, but also for their potential and posture.

Another important advice for good business management is direct, clear and comprehensive communication within the company, as well as an emphasis on workplace well-being. This encourages employees to remain productive and engaged.

Intelligent business management also goes through measures aimed at the relationship with the client, as it supports the company.

Strategic HR

Business management includes the company’s immersive sectors and HR management is one of them. At the same time, the human resources sector is becoming a fundamto maintain and grow the business.

Wrong, who thinks that HR deals only with the bureaucratic part. The strategic human resources department works in conjunction with other areas that influence decision-making.

This is only possible by automating many staff requirements. Using technological resources, professionals in this sector have been given more time to devote themselves to management strategies and to reduce manual process errors.

Processes such as acceptance, dismissal, point management and payments are the ones that can benefit from automation in HR.

Tracking cash flow

Teh the main reason for the closure of new companiesAccording to entrepreneurs, this is a lack of capital or profit. Thus, an important business management board is the organization of cash flow.

Teh Financial controldirectly affects the results of your business. By controlling all cash flows and outflows, you can see where the company’s profits are going, make forecasts for the coming months and invest within its actual capacity.

In addition to controlling cash flows and knowing your company’s numbers, it is important not to mix your personal financial life with your business. Keep an individual’s account separate from a legal entity.

Process automation

A good manager knows how to use technology as his ally in the management process. In addition to facilitating the form of payment for its customers using credit card machines and making yourself present with good content on the Internet and social networks, it uses a business management system to optimize processes.

A Система ERPoffers useful tools to have the greatest control over all activities, avoid mistakes and glitches and offer flexibility in customer registration, suppliers and products, in inventory and financial management, in sales control, in issuing bank receipts and invoices, among others.

By automating tasks and optimizing labor-intensive processes, the introduction of enterprise management gives managers more time to focus on other areas, as well as to have a complete understanding of the business, integrating different areas in one place.

Good management systems issue reports that help in decision-making, being able to anticipate errors and discover exactly the processes need to improve for the company to thrive.

Currently, you can’t neglect the use of ERP for good business management. In addition to improving management, it simplifies the group’s activities by bringing better working conditions. At the same time, everyone wins, and the company grows gradually.

About the author: Isabella Suarez, graduated in advertising from PUC Minas and Marketing Analyst at Gest’oClick, a business management software that helps organize and increase sales of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses.

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