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Today, leadership is one of the most common problems in the business world. About 81% of Latin American companies consider this issue to be important or very important, Deloitte. However, how to attract a team using leadership and motivation?

I am sure that the manager plays a significant role in the commitment of his subordinates. According to Towers Watson, employees recognised by their bosses are, on average, 60 per cent higher than others. For this reason, great leaders must be nurtured. However, the recruitment of staff has become a problem in the current pandemic scenario.

Thinking about these moments, we have created a guide specifically for you. In this article, you’ll better understand the relationship between leadership and team motivation, as well as how to bring employees to your home office with practical tips for optimizing results in your business. Continue reading and stay on top of it!

The concept of a leader and a boss in a business context

First, it is important to have clarity on the concept of leadership and leadership, which is often seen as synonymous. It is clear that not every leader is a boss, but is every boss a leader?

A leader is someone who has positional power who can command and shoot at people under his command. He has official powers consisting of his office. The problem is that each position is a passenger, and the powers are fixed only for this period. That is, the boss needs positional power to make others obey him.

For this reason, it should be said that not every boss is a leader. However, it is important that every boss develops the ability to influence and lead people to action. This way, you can optimize the results of teams and the organization as a whole.

The relationship between leadership and motivation at work

True human management is the responsibility of team leaders, and it is they who point the way they should go, recognize and reward talent for their results. That’s why they have a strong influence on employee motivation.

To do this, a leader who carries positional power must also be an example in his work. At present, it is not enough to talk about what needs to be done, what needs to be done, and how to work diligently in search of great results.

Effective leadership inspires and attracts great team resultsmotivating each of the professionals to constantly strive to improve themselves. This benefits not only the team or the sector, but also the whole organization, which becomes more productive and effective.

In fact, according to the survey, only 39% of working hours are productive, reflecting teams with no clear direction or motivation, and leaders without a goal of action.

Factors that hinder the work of the group

If the goals and objectives of the company are achieved, the company needs teamwork, that is, several people act with commitment and focus on specific results. The problem is that teams are not always motivated, which reduces the effectiveness of the organization.

As mentioned, much of the motivation is the responsibility of a leader who effectively practices the management of people in the organization. However, there are several actions that have an effect completely opposite to what is expected among the main ones:

  • Lack of feedback
  • Unnecessary urgency in solving problems;
  • Lack of strong processes
  • Little dialogue in day-to-day;
  • unattainable goals.

These are just some of the factors, but the reality is that there are many others. The manager must pay his debt and assess his position during working hours. If weakness is revealed, it will be so! “It’s important to strive for improvement.

However, this is not always an effective process. The truth is that they all have blind spots, characteristics that can hardly be defined in self-esteem. In this case, it is necessary to rely on the help of managers, asking them for feedback on the amount of improvement.

Motivation factors of the working group

I am sure that motivation arises within each person, that is, it is an internal process that depends on each professional. However, the leader must act as a catalyst, creating the necessary conditions for motivation to exist.

In this sense, the leader’s daily actions matter. In fact, according to Dave Ramsey, author of “Entrepreneurial Leader,” the strengths and weaknesses of the leader are repeated in the team. So if the leader is motivated, it is quite probably his team as well. Here are other points that make the team easier and more motivated:

  • A strong sense of action (goal);
  • Clear communication with leaders
  • Emotional and contextual intelligence;
  • Encouraging the training of the group;
  • Improving work environment.

It is necessary to identify and maximize the strengths of leadership, and then use them for the benefit of the enterprise. This process can also be done through self-assessment or through managers, interviewing them about the abilities of their immediate superior.

Investing in team motivation is not only a way to engage them in finding great results, but also to keep them in the long run. In this way, it can be ensured that talent stays much longer within the institution.

Staff management depends on each team leader

The human resources field has a human function, that is, helps managers and other sectors of the company to properly manage human capital. This means that HR helps with technical and planning issues, but responsibility is in the hands of leaders.

Many managers use most of their time to direct daily bureaucracy, but forget to guide their own leaders. There is a serious error that can cost a lot of money and lead to demotivation of employees.

Leaders were not only called upon to lead the bureaucracy, while this was part of their role, but especially to align and drive people. Only in this way can significant results be achieved that will benefit professionals and business in general.

The impact of technology on employee engagement

The impact of technology on employee engagement can be a key word for synergy between professionals. However, the high use of these new tools (which became essential during the pandemic) with the lack of humanization, may be the reason to cause today’s corporations to distort reality – causing a drop in the effectiveness of entire groups due to this superficial contact.

According to specialist Paul Hebert, this aspect of the technology used to facilitate communication between the company and the consumer is the most well-known for facilitating communication between the company and the employee, which allows us to understand the vision and ambitions of the employees of the corporation.

It is from this clarity of information that the human resources sector can have access to data that will make strategies of motivation, recognition and participation successful – creating an easier and more inspiring business environment for those who work in it.

The key to using new gadgets to be effective is that traditional ways are not completely left out; and factors such as recognition, motivation, inspiration and performance evaluation have not failed to be personal and present as a form of presentation – avoiding the risk of driving away employees who need to be involved.

However, we know this impossibility during the Pandemic. The advice here is that when normal activity returns, traditional methods of interaction do not stand aside. Even now, HR needs to seek humanization in relationships, even remotely. In the following topics we are taking some steps that can yield great results. Follow!

Remote interaction and the role of HR

Faced with a pandemic caused by Covid-19, many companies had to choose a remote work model. However, many of them were also unprepared for this and have not yet Home officeEffective. As a result, there have been some difficulties, especially in attracting staff.

It is very important that HR knows how to engage a remote team by understanding their role at this time and promoting strategic action so that everyone continues to be motivated and involved in the company’s culture.

Investing in technology is no longer an option, but an urgent need. We must offer the best approach to Experience with employeespossibly and completely online. In addition, face-to-face measures, such as community engagement activities, should be adapted to the Ruquis.

Keep in mind that these actions can bring many benefits. Eventually, they force the employee to create a stronger connection with the organization by having a better and more productive nOsizia. All of these factors directly affect business results.

Learn how to get a remote team

Below are some strategic actions for home office engagement:

1. Have group conversations with the whole team

For virtual meetings, you need to conduct online satisfaction surveys and use tools (Slack, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc.). At these meetings, you can gather the opinions of employees about the company, possible proposals for improvement and keep the whole team in line. Technology allows results to be similar to face-to-face meetings: productive, with exchange of ideas and exchange of views.

2. Promoting sentiment analysis

The analysis of feelings is a strategic action aimed at bringing together leadership and leaders. The weekly follow-up is done about how the team feels, what makes the manager know how emotionally they are and what it can affect the job. This can be done through a platform or even through Google Forms. At the same time, the company can support the employee, increasing the sense of responsibility and transparency.

3. Provide a comfortable working structure

Offering a good structure for an employee to work from home is essential in this model of work. The company can offer chairs, headphones, internet or any other element that is a necessity for the work and well-being of the employee. After all, the structure of work has a great impact on the motivation and involvement of employees.

4. Encourage moments of interaction with the team

To maintain the interaction, the company must promote moments of interaction between the whole team, such as discussing the wheels and talking on various topics. You can use online tools for meetings. In addition to interacting with colleagues, everyone will absorb important content and even relaxed content.

5. Help employees solve home office problems

Home office brings difficulties not only to companies, but also to employees. Helping employees with these challenges is critical to their proactive resolution. Therefore, try to know what difficulties, needs and anything that may interfere with the employee’s work and their satisfaction. In this way, HR can come up with more assertive and strategic actions to address these issues.

6. Perform gymkhanas and themed actions

Thematic actions are an excellent strategy for employee engagement. In a dynamic and fun way, you can work in the company’s culture and promote interaction between the team. Therefore, adapting them to a remote model is important.

Managers can use internal communication tools to perform the speakers by being able to deliver the prize to the winning employee’s home. In the June party season, for example, the company can promote activities for everyone to dress up in character and even perform the game through an online call like bingo.

Strengthening the feedback culture

As in the eye of work, Feedback cultureis essential in the home office. Thus, make online forms available to collect feedback on remote actions performed by the company. This data will help HR usage strategies and adjust them to achieve better results. In addition, the employee understands that his opinion is valuable for the company’s decisions.

Look, now you’re on top of this. As you can see, there is a great deal of correlation between leadership and motivation of working teams. For this reason, it is important to have an enthusiastic leadership that gladly solves problems and attracts people.

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