A guide to financial success for SMEs


Small and medium-sized enterprises have some very specific features that distinguish them from large enterprises: structure, processes, flexibility, budget and many others.

And what is the common denominator in most of these companies? Finding growth.

One of the most important things to consolidate the growth and success of small or medium-sized businesses is its financial management. Cash flow, working capital, payables and receivables (among others) are key aspects at any stage of the organization’s life cycle, and the expansion of the company cannot be left aside.

Thinking of helping entrepreneurs and managers in this SME growth trajectory, Convenia joined 99Corporativo to launch A guide to financial success for SMEs.

A guide to financial success for SMEs

In this book you will see:

  • Key financial characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • What financial practices you can start implementing in your company
  • Apps and tools
  • much more

If you want to download it for free, just click In here

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