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Understand how being a good leader can affect the performance of entire teams, and discover the differences between leadership and leadership

In today’s market, it is increasingly possible to listen to the saying that to motivate and influence subordinates, the ideal is to be a good leader, not a good boss. This may seem somewhat confusing at first glance, but the statement makes perfect sense, given that inspire employees should encourage them rather than abuse command power to “sort” tasks and collect results.

But it is not always so easy to distinguish between be a leader and boss when one is in a managerial position, and knowing how to question yourself in the right direction is fundamental to understanding which side your performance is most biased to.

  • Should I just talk to my co-workers or do I actually listen to them and share ideas with them?
  • Should I just delay tasks and charge my subordinates or try to motivate them to achieve common goals?
  • Are my subordinates afraid of me or do they appreciate me, both professionally and personally?

Teh difference between a leader and a boss quite clearly with the questions cited, right? And for further clarification of the qualifications and differentials of the real leader, there are some characteristics that cannot but be mentioned.

  • Leader leads
    While the boss shouts orders, the manager works with the staff in search of a common goal.
  • Leader helps his employees
    While the boss orders the tasks, the manager is concerned about whether the subordinate has all the tools to perform this function; and supports you in this.
  • The leader is always ready to learn
    As long as the boss already “knows everything”, the manager is always open to new information and learns what he can get from colleagues and subordinates.

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