Employee Satisfaction Survey: When and How to Do It?


Don’t you know how satisfied your employees are? So maybe it’s time to explore the team and know the points that need to be changed, as well as what needs to be eliminated forever. This can be done by interviewing employee satisfaction.

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Employees in their profession are more committed to the institution and have much better results than discouraged employees. Thus, they lead the company to increase competitiveness in the market.

Interested and want to better understand the power of employee satisfaction survey for the company? Continue reading and learn how it works, how to develop it and what are the benefits of using it!

What is an employee satisfaction survey?

The Employee Satisfaction Survey relates to all data-gathering activities to determine what employees’ expectations are about the performance of their operations and the company. Also to know if they are satisfied with domestic policies, wages, benefits, colleagues, among other related issues.

The information gathered provides a better understanding of the organizational climate of the institution. It explains how employees really think about their processes and what they think about the quality of life in a corporate environment.

If well-applied, a satisfaction study can be an important tool for engaging employees and demonstrating that management values their opinions. Thus, it becomes a real tool for retaining talent and optimizing the work of staff.

The Gallup survey showed that employee engagement is central to a good business strategy. According to the data, teams that are actively engaged up to 21% are more profitable for the corporation.

Why is the employee satisfaction survey conducted?

Employee satisfaction survey is one of the best tools that managers need to implement changes in the company’s management strategy, especially with regard to staff.

Through this, you can learn how employees really feel about their role, their workday and how it affects their routines. As a result, one can deeply know how to organizational climate and create a more pleasant environment for everyone.

When to survey employee satisfaction?

Satisfaction surveys are strategic in the institution and can lead to a number of changes, which is important for evaluating it in good and bad times. Meet the 6 situations in which it is necessary!

Increase in absences

When there is a significant increase in the number of employees, it is a sign that something is wrong. The work environment can cause discomfort, stress negatively affects their quality of life, employees may feel unmotivated, among several other reasons.

You need to investigate and know exactly what affects the presence of employees. There is nothing better than working out a satisfaction survey and developing a strategic and functional action plan based on specific data.

Increase in the number of resignations, delays and early departures

The sudden increase in layoffs may also indicate employee dissatisfaction, which can be monitored in the satisfaction survey. You need to understand that it does not work to make vacancies attractive to both the team and future employees.

This account also includes delays and departures before time, as such changes mean that employees want to spend as little time as possible with the company.

More absences

An increase in the number of alienated workers may also mean that working conditions are not satisfactory. The workload may be too high, the division of labor and relationships with colleagues may not be good enough, etc.

Effective research will help to diagnose the main problems faced by employees and guide the manager in taking action to combat such problems.

Increase in customer complaints

Customer dissatisfaction is another factor that may indicate a problem with processes within the company itself, especially with staff: the team may have problems with the service of the external public or the provision of a good product or service. This situationthe problem will be resolved once the problem is identified.

Severe weather, losses, errors and increased processing

The occurrence of errors is one of the main symptoms that the company is not working properly. Works caused by failures bring losses and loss of time, so they need to be easily identified.

In addition, the manager should be aware of the increasing number of complaints against employees, the difficult climate in the corporate environment and the difficulties faced in the execution of tasks, which can be used for effective research.

How do I make your employee satisfaction survey effective?

In order to truly achieve the goals of specific data and generate positive change, the employee satisfaction survey must be applied with maximum efficiency. Like any other personnel action, this has good practice that needs to be adopted to maximize results. Let’s see what they are.

Choosing how to use and process data

Starting with solid planning is ideal for creating a research framework that generates relevant, reality-close data. To do this, a research method should be developed based on the team and company profile, as well as the end goals.

The best way to do a simple and effective study is to focus on four main points: team, management, benefits and professional development. A questionnaire with specific and accurate questions would need to be created, which should be completed at the end of the assessment so that action would begin there.

You can create questions that seek to understand how this coexistence between employees, how employees see the actions of managers, what employees want to achieve in the company, what program benefits can be of interest to the team, etc.

You can create indicators from the work of questions and type the optimal levels expected in the answers. Thus, the team will know how to properly relate to the data and how to interpret it later.

Explaining employee privacy

It is necessary to assure those who respond to the questionnaire that this information will not be disclosed to the entire company: the data must be confidential and, after collection, must be grouped to understand the majority opinion about the processes of the institution.

Privacy is an indispensable factor because it will allow the honesty of those interviewed to generate data that truly represents an organizational scenario. They may not feel limited to answer what they really think about the organization and about the internal relationship.

We know that there is no point in getting seemingly positive answers if they are not real. After all, it becomes impossible to make the necessary changes to increase employee satisfaction.

Communication of research goals and methods for the whole company

It is also important to be transparent about the purpose of employee satisfaction surveys. It should be reported that the purpose of the study is to identify the positive aspects and points of improvement in the organization’s dynamics.

You can take this moment to show employees that the company cares about listening to them and that this tool is a way to understand what they think about management, colleagues and the domestic climate.

The method used also needs to be explained in detail so that everyone knows the stages of the evaluation process and the importance of calm response and attention to all issues.

Creating useful and objective questions

Keeping in mind the purpose of the study and the indicators to be measured at the end, it is easier to create questions that are clear, objective and that actually answer the watch questions on the topics under consideration.

Bet on an accessible language using phrases that don’t generate double meanings or that are difficult to understand. Use tools such as scales and multiple choice options to create the full material.

If necessary, take practical examples to explain the situation. When possible, open spaces for professionals are free to write what they think.

Sharing your results and action plan

At the end of the study, be sure to thank the participants and reinforce the idea that the research staff were done for the overall well-being of the team. It is interesting to present the data obtained not only for the manager, but also for all employees.

Explain that these results will be key in taking concrete steps to improve workers’ quality of life. In developing an action plan, it can also be presented to professionals, which shows that research has become a rich source of information for the positive transformation of the workspace.

As you’ve seen, employee satisfaction surveys are a valuable tool for listening and understanding employee views on different aspects of the corporate routine. Be sure to value this tool and use it as a start of innovation and collective development strategies.

Now that you understand how to do an effective employee satisfaction survey, how about understanding more about measuring and improving the company’s climate? Download our guide and learn all about the organizational climate.

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