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Your company is constantly striving for growth, but the problems have slowed this way? We know that this is a drama experienced by those who do it, and therefore in this article we want to present the concept of blitz-rocking.

This is the key that large global corporations have used in recent years to ensure scalability, an ideal haunted for success today. If you want to understand what we are talking about and how this concept can be applied to the reality of your company, keep reading!

What is Blitzking?

How can roads be built to create expensive companies in scalable and record-breaking time? It was in order to answer this question that Reed Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, created the concept of Blitzkalin.

This term, strangely enough, refers to the method of approach used by Germany during the Second World War. The idea is that the company, like the German army, is moving fast, worrying less about losses and more about gaining space in the market and overcoming competition.

If this link may seem somewhat heavy at first glance, just take as an example of big corporations like Apple, Google Facebook and Amazon. According to Forbes, they are in the top 5 highest paid companies in the world.

What do they have in common? Astronomical growth over several years, scalability and a leading role in the global market. The concept is so powerful and with consequences so visible that CEOs of large companies began to call it Oracle Silicon Valley. After all, it is from this region from this region come world leaders of growth and innovation.

What are the steps of this model?

In his book, written in partnership with entrepreneur and author Chris Yeh, Hoffman links the idea of Blitzscaling with throwing away the traditional set of rules of the business world, leaving aside small problems and taking risks. However, the conduct thus requires a professional to understand at what stage his company is and how he can cope with the management of capital and people in each of them.

Below are the steps of the company defined by Hoffman in the concept of Blitzking.


Family internship is the foundation of the company. It is at this stage that the company needs to develop its product and find its market suitable. It is time to work to bring something innovative to the public and thus gain an advantage over competition. During this period, testing new solutions and experimenting with options is ideal, as well as with a team that, even small, can handle multiple functions.


While the family stage company serves about 10,000 customers, the tribe’s number grows to about 100,000. If before the business was not scalable, now is the time to prepare for the rise and growth.

To do this, you need to focus on the financial part, which will require scalability. It is also important to ensure that the product has a market. Time to prioritize growth and public loyalty by using techniques such as SEO, social networking, partnerships and virality to reach people.


The focus at this stage should be on scaling your business. In addition to the challenges of securing capital and overcoming competition, this is a stage in which many companies are experiencing difficulties with the team.

The growth of the number of employees should not allow the loss of the culture and values of the company along the way. Providing high-performance service and satisfied teams with work made corporations like Netflix and Google stand out.

At this point, according to Hoffman, you have to choose a limited number of things to focus on, stop experimenting, and ensure the success of what is already being performed.


At the city level of the Blitzking plan, the company already has revenue of more than 1 billion rubles and 10 million customers. However, we must ensure that growth does not slow down with bureaucracy or lose efficiency.

Management with broad vision and efficiency in management on all fronts needs to be ensured. In this way, the company can chart its path to global.


Working around the world while maintaining a solid culture, quality products or services, and satisfied employees is a serious challenge. The key, according to the CEO of LinkedIn, is to learn to find a company in the different cultures in which it will be present without losing its essence. To do this, directors play a key role in selecting regional leaders.

So usedBlitzscaling for the company’s growth?

It is unlikely that we will find an entrepreneur who does not have as the main goal of growth of his business. However, not everyone has a plan for this purpose. On the other hand, there are those who still follow traditional and outdated rules.

After all, isn’t the volatility of the current market and the fluidity of interpersonal and corporate relations conducive to the caution and step-by-step formula of past decades? The answer is no!

Entrepreneurship involves solving different problems of different aspects at all times. However, the concept of Blitzscaling shows that you have to be cold-blooded, first of all, interpret which issues really deserve your attention and what will affect growth.

To use this method in the growth of your company, you must first know where your company is at. This is a central factor in following this business model that has been used by several companies.

However, it must be understood that all these steps can pass quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for constant changes and risk for growth.

As difficult as this is, incorporating this methodology into your business brings great growth potential. You will follow in the footsteps of companies that started out as promising startups and today are the main players of the international market.

Now that the Blitzscaling concept is part of your vocabulary and your corporate strategy, how about sharing this idea on social media for small and large businesses?

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