FemTech: what it is and why you need to keep an eye on it


Women’s empowerment is on the rise. Whereas for a long time women had neglected their rights and needs, they were now organizing and raising their voices in the struggle for gender equality. It is in this context that FemTechs, which are the subject of this text, emerge.

Let’s explain what it is, how they came about and how the idea of women empowerment has influenced the universe of technology and startups. Continue reading and enjoy the tips, because today you can no longer neglect this market!

What are FemTechs and how did they happen?

FEM comes from women and technology. Thus, FemTechs is a company, often startups, that use technology to solve problems related to the female universe, or to make women’s lives easier day in and day out.

The products or services offered by FemTech can be very diverse. Mobile apps, artificial intelligence gadgets, systems and virtual platforms are just some of the options. In this case, the big difference from them to a general startup is that their focus should be on improving women’s lives.

These companies emerged when the market began to realize that women also have the potential to consume technological products and that the female universe has features that are often not observed in the industry. It was then perceived by a niche business to be explored.

However, to be considered FemTech is not enough to be a company that produces something aimed at women. Some rooms need to be observed, for example:

  • To ensure that women have greater control over their lives and health;
  • Reduce taboos on issues of the female universe; And
  • science and technology for more concise treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

After all, women’s products have always existed. The big difference now is the breaking down of paradigms about the role of women in society, which is also reflected in their consumption habits.

How has women’s empowerment affected the startup universe?

Thus, we can say that women’s empowerment has influenced the industry and the universe of startups. According to Forbes, since 2015, the so-called FemTechs have received more than $1 billion in investments, which is a significant figure for a market as competitive as technology.

And if the numbers are already good, the trend will grow even more because women are increasingly worried about their health. The same research estimates that this segment is expected to move more than $50 billion over the next decade.

These figures also transform the technology industry and the labour market in other ways. After all, if the focus is on women’s life and health, who are the most qualified people to find and develop solutions to these issues? Yourself!

In these places, women continue to be a minority, mainly in positions of leadership, but this situation is gradually changing. There are already many initiatives in Brazil and abroad to empower women in the technology sector.

A survey published by LinkedIn in 2017 shows that the number of women has increased by 18% in eight years in leadership positions in the technology sector. While this seems timid in advance, the data deserve to be celebrated, especially for its permanence, indicating continuous movement.

Why keep an eye on this market?

As we have said, the prospect is that at least $50 billion will be invested in FemTechs over the next decade. In addition, the media and show business continue to show signs that this topic will be thoroughly explored, including on a commercial basis. Today, most celebrities preach women’s empowerment, making this theme stay in vogue.

These are just some of the reasons you follow this market. After all, you don’t want to lose all that audience and money, do you?

In the same scenario, studies show that consumers are increasingly concerned about buying from brands that have some purpose and are associated with causes. Today, advertising campaigns that use this concept are very successful among the public and in social networks. So why not support such an important cause and it still gives free marketing?

Finally, it should be noted that, since the issues related to theWomen are also the focus of public policy, with government agencies investing in femTechs in a number of countries. The goal is to prevent diseases as well as help in their treatment, promoting early diagnosis.

What opportunities can be created for this audience and how can we use them effectively?

The key to a successful FemTech is understanding which niches of the female universe can be explored and how to do so effectively. Meet some!


Within this theme there are numerous issues that can be solved with FemTech. Biodegradable pregnancy tests, menstrual collectors, absorbed panties, menstrual cycle control apps and even devices that identify cervical lesions are examples of FemTechs in the health segment.

Although collectors and absorbent panties cannot be identified as technologies at first, the FemTechs concept also understands them, as they increase a woman’s control over the body.


Motherhood, like menstruation, is a problem that applies exclusively to the female universe. So this is a segment that can be very well researched by FemTech. Good examples are platforms and applications to share experiences about pregnancy and the first years of children’s lives or record data on children’s health, monitoring and recording of these problems.

Now that you know all about it it’s easy to see why you can’t give up investing in this trend, right? Choose a segment, look for and invest in FemTech. You will definitely reap the benefits of this choice!

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