Give money to NGOs and get a number of discounts


Donations are common practice in socially engaged companies. For some, maintaining the reputation of a community organization is already more than enough reason to allocate an amount of money annually (or monthly) for social projects.

Imagine how much more motivated these and other companies would be if they knew that an analogue of investing in institutions such as NGOs would be to earn discounts on a range of products and services such as movies, restaurants, gyms, shops and language courses.

It’s a value proposition. Get2gether, the startup was founded by Bruno Ramut and Fernando Branco, whose goal is to ensure a “winning” relationship between companies and NGOs. “Victory benefits” from the idea that both NGOs earn money because companies earn on discounts.

Within the Get2gether platform, not only legal entities can contribute, but also individuals. Just be prepared to donate more than R$15.00, access the company’s system and make a donation that the user will have access to the portal with discounts.

This portal is within the Convening Benefits Club, a platform that has more than 30,000 active users, taking advantage of a number of benefits every day.

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