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One of the biggest challenges facing CEOs and CEOs of large companies is the lack of people in the market and the retention of people, according to a study by consulting firm PwC. In accordance with the Research71% of Brazilian business leaders are concerned inaccessibility of human capitalin the near future.

This suggests that there is a problem for managing people. If fewer and fewer skilled professionals are on the market, it becomes extremely important save their talents. We need to think about strategies to keep the people who make your company growon your side, and for that, entrepreneurs need any ally they can find.

One of the main allies may be what you least expected: your Financial management software. Throughout the article, we will explain the reasons for this.

Analysis of internal results with financial management software

In the another study, PwC noted that data analysis will be a major competitive advantageto the human resources department of companies in the very near future. 63% of companies believe that this should be implemented. However, only 27% implement today.

He notes that in order to maintain talent and improve your team’s performance, it’s important to always look to the side of “people’s analytics,” a term that refers to analyzing your employees’ data.

One of the largest sources of informationyour entire company is yours Control system. Looking at your company’s financial results, you can measure whether your marketing strategy works, whether your sales team is effective, whether your service is good or effective.

Some questions can be answered:

  • Has the number of customers increased?
  • Customers are still subscribers?
  • If there is no signature, do they return to work with you?
  • Do you increase how much they pay you?

From these results, you can take some ideas and create more questions. For example, if Marketingand sales bring more customers like bonie them? If their numbers decrease, how can you motivate them to produce better results? The same can be said about the development of services, services and so on in sectors. So you need to use data from your control system to be able to evaluate your company’s results.

How can I value my employee?

There are several ways to value those sectors of the company that have the most results. Here are three ways you can apply today in your company.

Wage increase

The most traditional way to subsidize any worker who works well is to increase your salary. As a rule, this action is aimed not at a group of employees, but only at one person.

To be applied fairly, you have to evaluate the team, the employee stood out and increased the positive result in this environment. From this you can choose who and how much will get this person.


The bonus consists of two stages: first the goal is set, and when you reach it, you pay a bonus to the employees. It can be divided by sector or can be shared by the whole company.

Between the two options the second is the most assertive. Although the first seems fairer (if one sector has reached the goal and the other does not, the first should receive bonuses rather than the second), it is segregated. There will be internal competition.

The second stimulates cooperation and the feeling that everyone is in the same boatSailing in the same waters targeted at the same destination. This connects the company as a whole and can guide you to better results.

Profit distribution

The message you send with the distribution of profits is clear: if the company goes well, everyone gets along.This is a very interesting way to unite the whole team in search of a common goal and make everyone worry about its financial performance.

The amount of participation that each hundredThe mine will have in profit will depend on several factors: time from home, performance, industry result and impact on other team members and other teams. You can condition yourself to aim so that profits are shared as well.

Automation of administrative processes can be key

Use Control systemmany of its financial and administrative processes are automated (or at least facilitated). Thus, what took several weeks to resolve is eventually resolved within a few days.

That is, you save time, resources and money. For example, if before you spent 10 times in this sector and start spending 2x. This may end up being invested in other areas and improve governance in general.

Human management is an area that is important and always has a place where needs to be improved. This can be done through training, better processes, better hiring, among others. You cut through the bureaucracy and open the door to the growth of your company.

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