How does strategic planning depend on managing good people?


Strategic planning is a continuous and systematic process allows you to determine the path an organization should take to achieve its goalsin a previously analyzed context.

It is to develop analysis of the past and present.

To analyze this context, you need to all market opportunities and threats. After that, we identifiedgoals and actions whose effectiveness will depend on the degree of engagement of the team.

But any plan to come true needs executive power. This power comes from those who run the organization, as well as from their Workgroup.Without her engagement,planning becomes an obstacle, and the organization becomes “without the steering of the boat.”

Strategic planning of all northern directions in one direction.

Staff management is essential for planning

Tehpeople’s alignment who are part of the organization is one of the mainfactors in the success of planning.

This means that the team must be involved from the very beginning of the construction planning process, led by the company’s general manager.

The manager and the team must be aligned with the organization’s purpose.

The team must take responsibility for planning, feel. The manager’s perseverance is crucial for this. Perseverance, because it’s not enough to say, “You’re invited.”

The manager has to call his team, show the importance that each of them hasand be together both in construction, in the distribution of goals and objectives, as well as in monitoring.

No one likes to be blamed, but, in the appropriate way, the manager has all the conditions to demonstrate that the success of all depends on the success of each of them, and it is wrong to himself depends on achieving goals and completing tasks in a qualified manner.

If there is participation, the team wearing the shirt, increasing competitiveness is a consequence. This is done through ways of quality and performance.

Remembering that:

Everyone has goals!

There are important points in this process of involving the team. Here are a few:

  • Maintaining transparency in strategic planning monitoring;
  • Create a routine monthly and weekly meetings to analyse indicators and projects and adjustments;
  • To be done Managers are actively involved;
  • Create remuneration policyon merit.

Transparency means you don’t have to hide numbers (metrics)if we really want people to feel like an integral part of the company’s planning and strategies we have to expose the numbers.

Of course, there may be metrics that are unique to the board, however, there are also metrics that should be known to all.

Transparency gains credibility.

Board meetings and staff (s) are necessary forKeep the planning alive and the team aligned and motivated.

It is time to analyze the evolution of numbers and identify corrective and preventive actions if numbers are found that compromise the target.

The group meetings on Monday morning are more productive and mark the beginning of work during the week.

It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Not to be alone in the discourse that success depends on everyone and everyone wins with good planning and good execution, the policy of participation in the results is a good recommendation.

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