HR hacks to boost your SME profits


If you have a small or medium business, increasing profits and growing fast should be key goals in planning, right?

Did you know that you can increase the profits of a company with small actions in various areas such as HR and employee training? Here’s what ­čÖé

What are hacks? Why are they important to SMEs?

Khaki creative action to achieve a certain goal. If you want to improve your performance in the public speaking category, Hack It is interesting to train your speech in front of a few empty chairs in front of you.

Similarly, companies can find creative (not obvious) ways to attract their results. And that’s in every department, from marketing to legal. Are you interested in learning more?

56 hacks to boost your SME profits

Thinking of helping small and medium-sized business owners to catapult their growth, Convenia, in partnership with ERPflex, with the blog Saia do Lugar and with IT Educacional launched an e-book 56 Hacks to increase your SME profits.

In this book you will see:

  • HR Hacks and Human Management
  • Haki Finance
  • Haki Performance
  • Learning Hacks
  • Cases of SMEs that have successfully used these hacks
  • Quick tips for other hacks

You can Download this free stuff Click on the button below:

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