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The performance and skills of a good manager are consistent guidelines in human resources departments. With the power to satisfy employees and drive entire companies into things like productivity and success, the job of a leader requires primarily attention and dedication so as not to create problems rather than solutions.

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If you want to be a good leader, or you are looking for someone to lead the team in your company, then that content has been produced for you. Check what it is Leadership characteristics!

What is leadership?

Leadership is the art of commanding people, attracting followers and positively influencing the mentality and behavior around them.

Leadership can occur naturally when a person stands out as a leader without a leadership position, in which situation he is called informal leadership. When a manager is elected by an organization and holds a leadership position, he exercises formal leadership.

A leader is the person who leads the group. There are several types of leaders that vary depending on the characteristics of the group or company, for example. A good leader has the function of bringing together team members so that together they can achieve common goals.

The importance of leadership

Companies that have or develop good leaders often succeed. The leader plays an important role in the processes of any company. He is the one who wears the company’s T-shirt becomes an organization in person.

Managers are important because they manage people and are responsible for conveying the company’s culture and engaging their team, so that the mission, vision and values of the organization are aligned with the team’s goals.

While a good leader may not work directly in certain industries, it is important that he knows how they work and what happens in them, as this gives the company constant feedback on how targets are developed, as well as optimized and direct contact with employees.

Main Functions Of Leader

Many people want to be leaders, but in order to fulfill this function, it is necessary to study and develop some specific characteristics that allow the leader to act. However, you can mention some of the characteristics you need to be a good leader. The main ones are located right after.

1. Pass security to subordinates

Instead of intimidating your team, a good leader should be encouraged, that is, encourage their leaders in search of good jobs. This can be done by passing security during detention and management of groups.

The safety of a good leader is closely linked to trust and charisma.


Another important factor that includes good leaders is the ability to make decisions.

The ability to know how to make quick and accurate decisions is fundamental to the profile of any leader. The good news is that this potential can and must constantly work and improve, thus contributing to constant evolution and success.

3. Clear about expectations

Every team in charge should be aware of what is expected of them, in addition to their field in the company, and it is up to the leader to warn them about it.

A good manager should clearly understand their expectations, and thus have his employees due to the importance and influence that the work they perform can have in the company as a whole.

4. Team Call

Unmotivated or bored subordinates are not able to do a good job and they do not push the area to success, so it is up to the leader to challenge them.

A good leader can help to increase interest and even professional satisfaction in performing well-designed tasks. Leaders and teams in comfort zones are harmful to the whole company.

5. Set a good example

There is little point in charging employees, relationships that don’t stray from themselves. So it is important that a good leader set a good example.

Bringing good examples is somewhat effective in terms of team influence and subsequent success of the company, as it makes it mirror as well as want andgood role.

6. Recognize and reward good performance

Today we live in a time when the reward for good performances has become quite natural among most companies. In addition to the board and human resources department, recognizing good results, the manager must also do so.

And more than just acknowledging good performance, a good leader is the one who rewards who has done the job. This reward can come in the form of financial bonuses, travel, time-offs or schedule flexibility, for example

7. Give feedback

This is another characteristic, very present in a good leader, after all, feedback is fundamental to the process of continuous improvement and subsequent motivation and increase the success of teams.

Give positive feedback, make the team feel recognized for the tasks, and can find the best ways to accomplish it. In other words, you can determine the feedback process of a leader, such as the act of rowing with a team, towards the goal of all.

8. Know how to use the talent of your employees

Every good leader has extensive knowledge of his team. Knowing the profile of your subordinates is important for any manager, as it allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member, the ability to delegate tasks systematically, optimizing their implementation process, to achieve an excellent end result.

What are the qualities of a good leader?

As we know, the corporate world is always looking for effective professionals to occupy leaders, however, finding who collects leadership characteristics is not an easy task, as it may seem to many, as such qualities can make all the difference with respect to satisfied employees and productive and motivated teams.

It is because of this that leadership characteristics are encouraged in many professionals who have just entered the labor market. However, born leaders rely on qualities that many are unable to acquire, even with a series of courses and trainings.

With that in mind, we have apart some characteristics that a good leader has:

  • Influence on the people around you;
  • The absence of fear of exposing yourself to others;
  • Decision-making initiative;
  • Connectivity
  • It has availability;
  • It has the ability to do several things at once;
  • He has a natural curiosity and is always on the lookout for news;
  • Takes responsibility for his actions;
  • Learn how to find a solution in the face of unforeseen situations or problems;
  • It is defined in relation to the generation of trust;
  • It inspires confidence;
  • Say no when it is necessary;
  • It is genuine and charismatic;
  • You know how to delegate;
  • It’s respectful;
  • It charges results without hostility.

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